It certainly can sting when other people don’t like what you do. I have received my share of criticism, judgment, and ridicule. Here are a few things that people have actually said and written to me..

“Laüra Hollick is a wing nut”, “you are racist”, “your soul-less studio makes me sick”,”you are full of #*!%”.

I used to be so deeply hurt by comments like these, my mind would spin with them for days and try and figure out how people came to these conclusions and what I could do to make them think otherwise.

Then one day it shifted with a simple question that popped into my mind….. “Who do you want to answer to?”

As soon as I heard that question in my mind, I instantly knew my answer. I answer to my spirit. My authority is my spirit. My spirit has the final say. My spirit is my leader.

Feeling that on a deep level completely changed the way I respond to people’s judgments. However, I still feel a momentary jolt when a harsh comment comes in but I quickly check in with myself to see if I am listening to my spirit and acting on my true inspiration.

If you are struggling with how to deal with judgment or even the fear of being judged, it is essential that you discover who your TRUE LEADER is. If you let the opinions of other people be your leader, you will always feel insecure and at the mercy of their opinion. If your leader is within you, than you will always have the opportunity to stand tall and grow, even if others don’t like it.

The goal is not to get other people to like what you do, the goal is to strengthen your ability to be yourself.

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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