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Paula Tymchuk was trained in Hollywood to do lighting for films.  She is one of the most sought after Canadian female lighting experts in the film and television industry today.  She started doing photography as a way to explore her own lighting techniques and get creative with the possibilities of light as an artistic medium.

Preparing for our interview on ‘The Photographers Series’ involved doing a creative photoshoot with Paula. Not only did this give me the opportunity to be in one of her creations but it allowed me to witness her creative process.

The shoot was held in my Soul Art studio loft and involved lots of lighting equipment. Since lighting is her native passion it made sense that her shoot would be heavy with equipment.

Here are some shots of the equipment and lighting set up Paula created for our photoshoot…

During the photoshoot it was dark, which surprised me since I knew Paula’s specialty was lighting. She selected key areas to accent, which felt like she was painting my body with light.  She was continuously scanning the set up as if looking for ways to get the light dancing.

I had no idea what the final image would look like.  I followed Paula’s guidance about where to be and what to do. She assured me the image would be transformed through photoshop when she added digitally manufactured light.

What surprised me the most about seeing Paula’s final creations was how much she creates beyond the photoshoot.  I realized the photoshoot was a mere foundation for Paula’s creative exploration.

Here are the final images from our creative photoshoot…

It is amazing to see how Paula went from our studio photoshoot to these other-worldly images.  I wondered if she knew in her minds eye what she was going to do, or if it just unfolded as she went along?

Paula Tymchuk uses light as a medium to gain entry into other worlds.  The only remaining earthly elements are the chosen areas that  provide a bridge into her techno mystical world.  Light becomes a thread that holds our world and the imaginary world together.

To listen to the interview with Paula Tymchuk click here
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