The Blue Fairy

'Blue Fairy', painting, costume, model Laüra Hollick. Hair & makeup Sue Upton. Photograhy & photoshop Stephanie Bell.

The Blue Fairy wasn’t born with wings.

She began her life on land with a deep dream in her heart. She wanted wings!

She imagined soaring up in the air and dancing with the birds.

But every time she flapped her arms nothing happened, her feet stayed firmly planted on the ground as if rooted tight to the earth.

She blew wishes to the wind, asking for wings.

She dreamed day and night about taking flight.

One day while walking the earth, she stopped to ask a patch of grass if they knew how she could grow wings.

“You are tall and strong” she said. “You clearly know how to grow. Can you tell me how to grow wings?”.

“Reach for what you want.” said each individual blade of grass.

She thought to herself, “I am reaching!”

The next day, she saw some ladybugs and asked them “How do you fly?”

“We decide to fly” they answered.

Frustrated, she thought to herself “I have decided to fly.”

She kept on her journey, walking the earth looking for an answer that would let her soar.

This time she became very quiet, so quiet she could hear the spaces between spaces.

She asked the quiet space, “Where are my wings?”

There was no answer.

She kept listening.

Then from deep deep inside her heart, she heard a small voice…

“I know where your wings are.”

“Yes, yes,” she said, almost tripping over her words. “Where are they?”

“You’ve been looking for your wings on the outside,” said the small voice. “Your wings grow from the inside.”

“How can my wings grow from the inside, when I need them on the outside?” she said in total confusion.

“The kind of wings you are born to have grow from inside of you. They will grow as you lead with your heart”, the quiet space responded.

“How do I lead with my heart?” she asked.

“You listen inside of yourself, like you are doing now,” the small voice continued. “You become quiet enough so you can hear the voice of your heart.”

As she listened, she relaxed and listened more and more. As her ears tuned in on the inside a magical thing started to happen…

She started sprouting her wings.

The more she listened inside, the stronger her wings grew on the outside.

The Blue Fairy wasn’t born with wings, but they were always in her.

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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