Union of Opposites, image of Laüra Hollick with Ken MacDonnell

'Union of Opposites' Imagined by Laüra Hollick. Models: Laüra Hollick with Ken MacDonnell. Photographed by Stephanie Bell.

The New Paradigm is like a Divine Love Affair between the masculine and feminine energies. There is a new kind of balance coming into play. A balance that includes the strength and stability of masculine energy along with the sensuality and creativity of feminine energy.

We need a union of both energies in order to create a new experience of health, wealth and beauty.

For the past few thousand years our society has been dominated by male energy. This imbalance is being reflected in our economy as well as all our Earth rumblings. I believe many of the challenges creative spiritual people face today, such as the ‘Starving Artist’ syndrom are a direct outcome to this imbalance.

The New Paradigm is not about becoming a female dominated society, because that would be off balance as well. Although I do imagine it will swing a bit more to the feminine energies for a while to balance things out.

Ultimately we are moving towards a New Paradigm where both energies are honored and harnessed to their fullest potential. It is about union.

Everyone has both masculine and feminine energies within them. As you tune into your masculine and feminine energies you can experience your own union. The shifts start on an inner level first.

Here are some questions to spark your own Divine Love Affair!

1. How do you express and experience your masculine energy?

2. How do you express and experience your feminine energy?

3. How are these two parts of yourself working together?

4. How would your masculine and feminine parts like to be playing together?

5. What is one thing you can do today to support the union of your masculine and feminine energies?

*Please share your thoughts and feelings about creating your own Divine Love Affair*

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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