Fine Art is about merging spirituality and humanity.
Fine Art requires the ability to channel spirit through you, through your own humanity. You may use a different word other than ‘spirit’, but there is some invisible energy that moves through all Fine Art, I call this energy spirit.

I believe the New Artform is the creation of New Paradigm Business.

As a mass culture we are creating the New Paradigm together. The artists in our society, also known as the creative spiritual people, have the ability to create businesses that channel spirit and connect it with humanity. Those who create businesses in this way are creating art. I believe this is the New Artform.

The Credentials for Creating a thriving New Paradigm Business as your Artform:

1. You must take the time you need to get to know yourself and your spirit.
2. You must connect who you are with people.

I will be going more in depth on this topic over the new few months. Do you have any questions about the New Paradigm? Or about being a creative spiritual person in business?
I would love to hear your thoughts…

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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