Ariel White

My Yoni Art piece comes out of a passionate romance between earth & sky, water & fire, lover & beloved… This photo was captured on the Big Island of Hawaii, the birth place of the planet, where new earth is literally being created every day as an active volcano dumps lava into the ocean. In this image you can see the black lava representing fertility, the red representing the blood and power of woman, the blue representing water and intuition, and the white representing spirit. My prayer is for all women to remember the regenerative power of their womb, the creative essence of their Yoni, and the unyielding resilience of their spirit. May we all honor and celebrate Yoni, the gateway, through which we all live.

Yoni Art by Ariel White

About Ariel White

Ariel White is an artist, entrepreneur, teacher, and muse of Love. Founder of Amant, a digital media company for Lovers, Ariel brings together art, products, and messages that support women in feeling beautiful, well-pleasured, and sensually expressed. Ariel has been in the fields of embodiment and sex-education for over a decade, leading retreats and teaching internationally to women from over 30 countries. Creator of, each unique “Yoni Doll” is a symbol and tool for women’s sexual empowerment and celebration of their feminine center. Check out, for more of Ariel’s work.

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