Danielle Seib

My soul art yoni journey has been about coming home to myself. The yoni soul art opened a beautiful portal for me to truly see what was arising that wanted to be authentically acknowledged and loved into wholeness, while simultaneously creating an opening for me to “see” through the art”, what has been there all along, what has naturally been a part of me, a beautiful sensual luscious loving energy! The journey wasn’t about reaching outside of myself to find it, it has always been there, it was about relaxing into, listening and seeing what arose through the art.

Yoni Art by Danielle Seib

About Danielle Seib

Hello! I am currently in year two of Laüra Hollick’s Soul Art Certification program. What an amazing program! I love the use of art as a tool to dive deeply into your own psyche, to understand your self in ways you haven’t seen, or perceived. Transforming your old mythology into a new mythology that serves you creates powerful change, and you get to create Art! What’s better than that? I am excited as the journey I am going on now will lead to the place of offering soul art guided workshops.

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