Anita Kopacz

So, I made my body a little browner… My ass a little bigger… But my Yoni is the same… IN FULL BLOOM!

Yoni Art by Anita Kopacz

About Anita Kopacz

Anita Kopacz is the current Editor-in-Chief of Heart & Soul Magazine, a role which facilitates her passion to see people heal and thrive. While obtaining her undergraduate degree at the University of California at Berkeley, Anita embraced her multifaceted nature as a writer, working actress and model, a spiritual healer and student. To her initial surprise, her intuitive and healing gifts were sought out by many, as word of her abilities spread.

Kopacz’s written work has been described as limpid, graceful and profound. She is a published author and her book, Finding Your Way: Alphabetical Keys to the Divine is, in her own words, “an artistic gift from the divine intended to leave the reader feeling blessed, refreshed and imbued with a sense of purpose.” In his forward to the book, mogul and philanthropist, Russell Simmons describes the work as “Scripture, written for today.”

Anita’s intention is to awaken the divine simplicity and joy in the lives of herself and others.

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