Rose Cole

As my birthday dawned, I was baptized by the Sun and connected to the Feminine in this sacred vortex. It was EPIC.

This is my family’s Tipi. Its massive, wooden beams, grounded to the earth as they reach toward the Heavens. Aligned with ancient, sacred geometry, Tipi is a living, breathing entity, and a conduit of powerful energy. To sit under her skirt is to be fully embraced by the Divine.

Everyone told me this couldn’t be done, that they had never even heard of it being done – that this huge, 26 foot ceremonial Tipi just couldn’t be erected without the help of men. But we did it! We created a reverential space built entirely by women, for a Ritual attended only by women. In the seat of the Priestess, as one of the only non-Native women blessed with the right to hold the sacred medicine, I am overwhelmed by blessings, gratitude, and awe.

I am witnessing HERstory in the making!

The sacred medicine we use in this Native path was originally discovered by a woman, and Tipi was once the woman’s domain, so it’s not surprising that when looking out through the top opening, where the beams intersect, her angles and folds clearly define the shape of revered Yoni. Over thousands of years, like so many tribal practices, it transitioned into a patriarchal practice, and it’s now extremely rare to find a woman who’s been given the right to hold this medicine.

This ceremony is a reflection of what’s happening in the collective consciousness right now. The male-controlled systems are crumbling, and the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are coming back into balance with each other as the Feminine reclaims the sanctity of her sacred chalice.

Tipi’s Yoni mirrors that chalice, the central portal where the sacred prayers rise toward the light of the Eastern star. As the sun rises, it is the window for the morning light, whose beams dip to a point, kissing the crown of the Roadwoman in her seat, birthing the new evolution.

Yoni Art by Rose Cole

About Rose Cole

Rose Cole is a much-loved visionary leader, world-renowned speaker, popular featured guest on TV networks such as E! and MSNBC, and preeminent mentor and spiritual guide who has helped thousands create thriving and awakened lives. She is one of the few modern day women to be blessed with the duty of “Roadwoman” – a Priestess in the Native path who has been given the right to hold sacred medicine. As someone who firmly believes that each of us have a Sacred Purpose, she serves others through hosting a series of inspirational programs and retreats, writing books, and sharing a powerful way of living she calls ‘Rituality’.

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