Eden Amadora

This is a picture of myself embodying the archetypal frequency of “the Goddess of Love”, She rises from the cosmic sea as a portal of beauty, expansion, sensuality and love. Her transmission is to soften like the petals of a pink rose… open like an exotic orchid and bloom for your own pleasure and joy…. she reminds us to feel deeply and respond to life from a fully embodied sensual ” Yes!”- from an open heart and a soft belly… trusting the abundance of life like a cornucopia of plenty… pearls of sublime beauty and gifts of radiant luminescence are here, found deep within our open hearts. Her grace is the ample magnetic field generated from the soft and open heart/yoni/womb mystery… she reminds us of the vesicle Pisces of the intersection of Love and Freedom as the gateway home… to Heaven within… the portal to Divine communion.

Yoni Art by Eden Amadora

About Eden Amadora

Eden Amadora is an ordained priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School, an archetypal voice & embodiment coach, ceremonial singer, and prayer-formance artist. With over 20 years of shamanic and yogic training with a focus on sound and movement integration, her work is in service to those who are ready to embody their most essential, radiant selves and express their authentic voices.

Eden’s passion is for witnessing the incredible transformation that occurs when she creates and holds ceremonial space, offering a sacred container for others to have an embodied experience of working with the archetypes of the Divine Feminine.

Eden is gifted at holding unconditionally loving space and simultaneously being a fierce voice of truth. She is a conduit for soul guidance, as she supports and mirrors her clients. She lives with one foot in the archetypal realm, holding others in their highest essence helping them to transmute their shadow – or stuck old patterns – into more self-love and empowered presence, allowing them the freedom to fully live their unique mythic story.

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