Shona Keeli Jones

☽☥☾ Yoniverse ☽☥☾

Imperfectly perfected by nature
And ruler of love
The center of attention and affection
The magic that is Yoni,
Feelings pure and real
Force so true, none divided from heart,
All unite to the power
All worship the yoni, come….

The honest beginning
Finding truth in this
The altar and the manna,
A temple, a place of worship
Where my lover comes
To pray and give thanks
Two is better than one,
Yoni, inside me
Yoni, control me
Yoni, around me

Breathe and touch
Taste and feel
See, believe, experience
Open wide and delve into velvet
Prey on the weakness of the pebble,
Make it strong like a rock
A connection like no other
Yoni to yoni
Face to face
Woman to woman
More than just a feeling that passes.

Radiating Love,

♡ Shona Keeli, Divine Flow

☥ Yoni Empress, Womb Whisperer at Womb Illumination, Restore your Power from Within ☥.

Photography by Chanel Baran

Yoni Art by Shona Keeli Jones

About Shona Keeli Jones

Shona is a Yoni Empress and Womb Whisperer. Creatrix at Womb Illumination, Womb and Yoni Healing Session, Menstrual Moon Magic, Blood Mysteries Rituals, Yoni Products, and Deeping Feminine Wisdom.

Shona is a Maya Abdominal and Tantric Yoni Massage Therapist, Theta
Practitioner, Sacred Birthing Doula, and Akhanda Yoga & Meditation Teacher.

She is present in this time of awakening, to support the unfoldment of the divine feminine expression and exploration of our inner power through our womb center – the birth place of all creation and the most pristine untapped energy available to a woman. She empowers women to remember how to practice and embody supreme self-love, stewarding open the temple doors for a magical manifestation of a truly radiant, rich, yummy, and juicy life. Shona is here to support all woman to awaken to the throne of their own inner Queendom.

Shona is from Australia, offering healing sessions, retreats internationally and is based on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

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