Artist Archetype

The Artist

You see the world through the eyes of the artist. You spot clues throughout your day that spark ideas for things you’d love to make. You see art supplies in everything. Going shopping can be an adventure for you because everything becomes a possibility. Everything has potential to be turned into something through your artistic lens.

You feel the most yourself when you’re creating art. You feel at home in the creative process. You love making things, mixing colors, blending ideas, and birthing dreams into reality.

You are an artist to the core.

You seek to structure your life around your art, which can prove challenging at times, but your love for art always finds a way to give you some space to create.

When you don’t create, you’re agitated and your body gets irritated by the lack of circulation. You need to feel the flow of inspiration moving through your body like a breath.

Creating is oxygen for your soul.

You’ve always been super creative. As a child you loved to daydream and dive into creative projects you could get lost in. Art is a sacred nest that nourishes you. When things are tough or you’re confused about what is happening in your life, the healthiest thing you can do is turn to your art and creative expression for solace and guidance.

Art is your first language because it speaks the language of your heart and soul.

Your challenge isn’t art. It is weaving art into your life and believing the magic and power of your art is real. It is natural for you to be yourself on the canvas, or whatever medium you’re playing with. Things get tricky when you forget how powerful you are and start doubting yourself and your gifts in your everyday life.

Until your art and your life are woven together seamlessly, you’ll shiver in the cold thoughts that life doesn’t get you, money doesn’t see you, or people don’t understand you. You may even start buying into the starving artist belief that says you have to struggle with money because you’ve been told that’s what artists do, or maybe you try to convince yourself it is okay to settle for some job that isn’t fully who you are because “that’s how it is.” Inside, you’re not a starving artist. You’re hungry for the full expression of your art in your life.

Self-doubt has kept your true masterpiece tucked away, waiting for the safety of self-belief.

Your hidden creative power is your ability to transform the beliefs of self-doubt into self-belief, and paint new possibilities for what it means to be a thriving artist. Your hidden creative power is activated through the process of using your magical paintbrush to create the life you desire in full color!

Your Creative Archetype is the Artist. You have the power to create. You have the power to see possibilities in everything. You have the power to inspire. You have the power to birth dreams into reality!

Your hidden creative power is awaiting you artistic touch to ignite the next level of your thriving life.

You’ll know you’ve awakened your hidden creative power when you find yourself effortlessly saying:
“I believe in my art,” and “It is safe and easy for me to thrive as a Creative Spirit.”