Divine Mother

Your Yoni Personality Type is Divine Mother

You flow with fertility. Your very presence is a nurturing womb space for life to thrive. You are birthing all the time through your creative expression, ideas, and projects. You channel your sexual energy into creative energy because it is really all life force energy to you.

You are most attractive when you are in your creative flow. Your skin glows with orgasmic radiance when you are in the midst of a creative project. You feel purposeful when your creative energy is clearly directed. Your breasts perk up when they feel full with purpose.

You are a visionary with a strong intuitive sense. You feel all your creations as if they are babies. You can sense their needs and have the full luscious breasts to feed them.  You help things grow and prosper.  This makes you an asset to any creative project, especially your own.

Your energy is deeply healing and many people feel like they’ve come home when they’re in your presence or drinking from your creative medicine.

You are highly skilled in the creative process. You can travel the full channel of your yoni from womb to world, from dream to reality. You are a timeless mother with youthful vitality and ancient wisdom. You naturally work with the cycles of the moon and the rhythm of your blood. You are both dreamy and earthy. People come to you to share their life story as well as to ask for practical advice.

Your Yoni Challenges

People love to nestle into your presence because they feel nurtured, seen, and cherished. This is a lovely gift, but it can also scatter your energy and heighten your sense of overwhelm. You can easily get swept up in the sense of obligation to tend to everyone else’s energy, so much so, you forget your own.

You can be passive aggressive and withdraw your love as punishment, or become resentful when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You are triggered when you feel disrespected and unappreciated for the bounty you offer.

There is a need to establish firm boundaries and make sure to always mother yourself. Make exquisite self-care a top priority. You must replenish the well so you are overflowing rather than squeezing yourself dry. If you harbor any resentments towards your own mother, this will be reflected in your lack of care and appreciation for yourself.

Your Yoni Initiation

Your Yoni is calling you home to the Cosmic Womb to deepen your own Mother healing so you can receive the nourishment your soul needs for the next level of creation that wants to birth through you.


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