Your Yoni Personality Type is Eve

You hold the secrets to the origin of the divine feminine.  Within you is the lineage of Woman herself. You’ve carried the original ancestry through every twist and turn of your life with the primal obsession to find your way home. Home is not a geographical place for you; it is a state of being that allows you to know the truth of who you are. The only Garden of Eden you recognize is the love you feel when you’re aligned with your true pleasure and power.

Your Yoni Challenges

You’ve carried the burden of shame for as far back as your body remembers. This has you visiting the fun house of distorted mirrors, reflecting mistruths about who you are and disorienting your sense of yourself.

You often wrestle with the relationship between pleasure and shame. It is disorienting to feel the call to pleasure and equally feel the shame of it.  This has you doubting your own knowing, so you resort to external scaffolding for guidance, structure and support.  This also sets you up for the comparison game with your sisters, always wondering who’s doing what, and who’s better than whom. When left unchecked, this battle between pleasure and shame can lead to eating disorders, weight gain, hypo/hyper sexual behavior and control/rebellion patterns.

The reason why you’ve chosen to carry the sacred burden of shame is so you can be the one to liberate it.

Your Yoni Initiation

You are the one to free the enslaved feminine energy and shatter the mirrors of distorted perceptions. You are the one to shine a light on the path home. You are the one to teach by example what it means to be an embodied, empowered, pleasure-fueled woman.

It is said that every woman has a unique pleasure map within the nerve structure and pattern of her clitoris. Each woman’s capacity for orgasm is coded within her Yoni, her Garden of Eden, her erotic innocence, and her primal pleasure.  Navigating your own pleasure map is your life’s work. It is the only thing that truly fulfills you.

Your sacred mission is to liberate yourself from the burdens of misperceptions and misaligned power that have you starving for love. You’ve been called to dust off the illusions that have disoriented women for thousands of years and reorient humanity to the true garden of love.

Our new world depends on women reclaiming their true power. Deep in your soul, you know this is your mission.

The world has been waiting for you!

You are the original.

You are being called to pass through the sacred gateway of your Yoni Initiation. It is time to reclaim your original state of being and walk down the aisle of sacred marriage where love unites pleasure and power in equal passionate embrace.


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