Flower Bud

Yoni Personality Type - Flower bud

Your Yoni Personality Type is Flower Bud

You are moving into a new chapter of your life that is no longer rooted in fear. You’ve been building momentum through your courageous curiosity. Even doing this Yoni Personality quiz shows how far you’ve come. Something like this may have intimidated you years ago. Exploring your yoni, your sexuality and your divine feminine power and creativity may have felt like a dream rather than a reality in the past.

But now, you’re discovering that all the years you’ve spent underground, hiding and slumbering in the dark have actually been building a strong root system to support you. You’re seeing proof of this root system as you are beginning to sprout and bud into the light of a new life.

You’re getting glimpses of the kind of woman you dream of being.  The foreshadowing of your blossoming is tickling you with clues.  The woman seeded within you is beautiful, luscious, exotic and unique. She trusts herself and rests powerfully in her own inner confidence.  She listens to her inner guidance system and believes in herself. She giggles with delight about how much she is enjoying her life. She feels safe in her naturalness and has no need to prove her worth. She knows it deeply.

You are in awe of the woman who is seeded within you. She is the future you.

Your Yoni Challenges

The only thing holding you back from fully blossoming into this woman are the remnants of fear, doubt, insecurity, numbness and indecision. The old belief systems that used to reign supreme and dominate your life are ready for new leadership. The new leadership is the future you. She is ready to guide your path. She is calling you forward. She is the light that your Flower Bud is reaching for.

Your Yoni Initiation

To blossom the woman within you, there is a sacred gateway you must pass through. This gateway is your Yoni Initiation that transforms fear into love. Moving through this sacred gateway is a journey of alchemizing self-doubt into self-belief. You must heal the final layers of fear that have been clouding the clarity of your true path.

As Anaïs Nin once wrote: “The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Your Yoni is a Flower Bud preparing to blossom into the woman you dream of being.

Take the next step now into your Yoni Initiation and transform fear into love.


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