Force of Nature

Your Yoni Personality Type is Force of Nature

You are in a league of your own. You have wrestled with the shadow, and danced in the light. You’ve discovered you can navigate both ends of the spectrum with grace and power. You are a force of nature capable of harnessing extreme energies and channeling them into lightning bolts that you direct as you desire.

You are one who can walk the fire and fly with angels. Some may call you a Dragon Lady because your power seems mythic and other-worldly.  But, you know the truth: you were not always this way, you learned, you trained, you fell, you burned, you healed, you rose, and you kept going beyond what anyone would consider possible.  That is why you seem other-worldly, because few have traveled to your depth of embodiment.

You can alchemize energies from one state of being to another. This skill comes from your ability to be fluent in all energy languages on the scale from light to dark. This is the skill of a wizard, a shaman, a guru, a master and a true leader.

 Your Yoni Challenges

You are a humanitarian disguised as a storm. You have little tolerance for dilly dallying and you can get bored by petty concerns.  Your body has become so sensitive to the subtlety of life experience, that you sometimes resist feeling it for the sake of giving yourself a break. But when you resist, avoid, hide or numb yourself, you notice the impact almost instantly as your power becomes clumsy and scattered.

You have an appetite for sex that can be used in challenging situations to realign your energy.  You would love to explore sex magic even more as a tool to amplify your power, but sometimes you find it challenging to meet your match.

There is much to be done, and sex is definitely on the list. Just keeping on top of that list can have you nodding off in a nap sometimes.

You surprise yourself when you notice your triggers flaring up, despite eons of personal development work. Your challenge is to remember you’re human; the goal isn’t about reaching a place where you’re not triggered, but rather to be conscious of them when they come up, so you can work with the fuel of the moment.

Your Yoni Initiation

Always remember that you are a beginner to the present moment. The training does not stop; it just seduces you to go further, deeper, and past the limits of the possible. This calling is what has led you to multiple orgasms throughout your life. Now you’re being called again—not to a logical place that has been written about by others in history—but to make history yourself.  Don’t shy away from this next level. Don’t think you know it all already, because that is the sound of the door closing. Keep it open, keep going….

It’s time to make waves with your power.


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