Original Soul Art paintings by Laüra Hollick

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Each piece of The Garden is infused with insights.

Art that means something

About “The Garden” Soul Art Project

It all started on International Soul Art Day, May 23rd, 2018…

Over 12,000 people gathered on-line to create art together for the day. I was in my studio on a livestream with Devon Walz, Leah Guzman, Q’Orianka and Jane Cormack.

My intention was to create a piece of art that would channel a message for our global community of Creative Spirits.

The painting I started on Soul Art Day was massive. It took me almost two months to complete the painting.

One of the key elements that helped me finish the painting was finding my flow through a beautiful Water Ceremony that Q’Orianka led the day after Soul Art Day. Bringing in the Earth connection helped ground all the creative energy within me.

Infused with the magical blessings of water, the Soul Art Day painting took on a life of its own and evolved from a giant Yoni, to a turtle, to what ultimately became “The Garden.”

A full harvest of messages and insights emerged through “The Garden.” The core message is about the importance for each of us to express our unique true nature as a way to connect and contribute to the ecosystem.

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