Yoni Art Promo Package

Thank you for being a partner in the Yoni Art Project.  We are in awe of the power and beauty of this project . We feel deeply honored by all you’ve shared to bring this project to life.  In this Yoni Art Promo Package you’ll find a simple checklist to guide your promotional schedule for sharing Yoni Art with your community.  We’ve also included sample social media posts, emails, images and graphics you can use when promoting the Yoni Art Project.

Yoni Art Project Partner Checklist

Share the Yoni Personality Type Quiz

Share the Yoni Personality Type quiz. We’ve included examples for social media posts and emails along with images below.

The link to the quiz is:

Share more Yoni Art magic

Share another element of the Yoni Art Project.  You can choose from a few different options:

Yoni Art Gallery:

Yoni Initiation – 7 Yoni Gateways:

Yoni Art Coloring Book:

Yoni Art Course:

These are sample social media posts. You can use these or you can write your own. Be sure to include the hashtag #yoniart when sharing on social media.


Sample Posts for Yoni Personality Quiz



Take the Yoni Personality Type Quiz to reveal your unique yoni gifts and challenges. http://https://laurahollick.com/yoniquiz #yoniart


Want to know your unique Yoni Personality Type? Find out here: http://https://laurahollick.com/yoniquiz #yoniart


Decode your yoni secrets with this simple 3-minute quiz: http://https://laurahollick.com/yoniquiz #yoniart


I love this Yoni Personality quiz. Try it for yourself! http://https://laurahollick.com/yoniquiz #yoniart


I learned so much about my yoni from the Yoni Personality quiz. It’s amazing the stories our yonis hold! http://https://laurahollick.com/yoniquiz #yoniart

Sample Posts for Yoni Art Gallery


My yoni is in the Yoni Art Gallery! http://https://laurahollick.com/yonigallery #yoniart


Check out all the beautiful yonis in the Yoni Art Gallery! http://https://laurahollick.com/yonigallery #yoniart


Each yoni is a unique piece of art http://https://laurahollick.com/yonigallery #yoniart


Your divine feminine power is not just a trend, it is a global calling. Check out the feminine superpowers in the Yoni Art Gallery rocking this world! http://https://laurahollick.com/yonigallery #yoniart

Sample email for Yoni Personality Type Quiz

Hello {Name},


The exploration of the divine feminine is not just a trend, it is a global calling for a rebalancing of feminine power on the Earth. The yoni is the sacred gateway to divine feminine power. Each woman has a Yoni Personality Type that offers unique gifts and challenges for her life, path and purpose. Do you want to know your Yoni Personality Type?

{picture links to https://laurahollick.com/yoniquiz}

Take the 3-minute Yoni Personality Type Quiz now {links to https://laurahollick.com/yoniquiz} so you can learn how to enrich your creative, sexual and feminine power .

Love, {Your Name}

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