‘Growing’, sculpture  by Laüra Hollick, Photo by Kevin Thom.

Nature is a source of inspiration for a lot of the work I do. Not only do I look to nature, for art ideas but I also look to nature for guidance on things that can seem challenging in life.

A question I ask myself frequently is:

What would nature do?

Last week we talked about having a ‘Clear Direction’ in our lives, and knowing the essence of what we want.

Once we know what we want, or even have a sense of it, the inevitable happens….. we are suddenly called to become MORE!

In order to stretch into our desires and goals, we have to stretch ourselves into new territories. This is the beauty of desires, as they call us to evolve.

With evolution, growth is required. Which leads us to the topic of today…


Think for a moment about where you are now in your life. Now, imagine an expanded version of yourself, a vision of where you would like to be.

What about you is different in the expanded version of yourself? The aspects you noted as being different are the areas you need to stretch into in order to fully step into the life you envision for yourself. The first step is being willing.

So, what would nature do? How would nature be ‘willing’ to stretch and grow into an expanded version of itself?

When nature has a vision of becoming a big tree, and it is only a little seed to start, it allows itself to receive the nourishment that is available to it. It receives the sun, and it receives nourishment through the soil.

Are you allowing yourself to receive the nourishment that is available to you?

Look around at what is available to you, and let yourself receive it.

How else is nature ‘willing’ to stretch into a grander version of itself?

Nature adjusts to its surroundings. Think of a tree growing in a forest, amongst all the other trees. It finds the space where it can grow, it bends and moves, twists and turns.

Are you being flexible and adjusting to what is there in your life now, while still moving forward?

If you feel stuck just look at nature and ask:

What would nature do?

As you are changing and evolving in your life:
Be kind with yourself
Be conscious
Have fun!

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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