Experience a creative spiritual journey to transform your life and career into the fullest expression of your spirit on Earth. Laüra Hollick has guided thousands of people globally to connect with the depth of their inner world and sculpt their dreams into reality.

Soul Art Certification

A 21-Day journey into your heart’s expression and embodiment. This is your rite of passage into your next highest level!

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Soul Art Certification

Soul Art is a sacred journey of discovering and embodying your unique creative spiritual expression. Becoming a Certified Soul Art Guide is the process of mastering your own art and learning to guide others on transformational Soul Art journeys.

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Soul Art Certification

The future is a dream until you live it.

Creating your best future now is a conscious practice of making your present moment an exploration, expression and embodiment of the life you want to life.

In this 21-day journey, you’ll be guided to Create Your Best Future Now!

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Soul Art Certification

Your Core Wound is an experience in your life that separated you from love. That point of separation can leave a wake of damage and disconnection in your life.

In this 21-Day Heal Your Core Wound journey you’ll be guided through an empowering and soothing process to get to the root and make space for the healing balm of love to work its magic.

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Soul Art Certification
Are you ready to uncover the next layer of your journey with money?

Join us for Follow Your Heart & Make Money, a guided journey to transform your relationship with money. A must-have for Creative Spirits who want to thrive being themselves.

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Laüra Hollick's Yoni Art Course
Yoni Art is a 4-week journey with Soul Artist Laüra Hollick, where you’ll enter a sacred container for deep yoni connection, and ease into the next chapter of your feminine evolution. The time is now for women to step into our sacred feminine power. Answer the Call of Your Yoni.

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Laüra Hollick's Yoni Initiation
Your Yoni Initiation is the key to unlocking the next level of your feminine power, sexual potency, creative superpowers & embodied presence in the world. This essential Yoni Initiation will guide you toward a deep and lasting connection with your yoni. Includes the 7 Yoni Gateways Ritual and Yoni Art Coloring Book.

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Laüra Hollick's Yoni Initiation
Are you a Creative Spirit with gifts to share? Are you tired of being held back by limiting beliefs?

In the You Are Enough Journal & Ritual, Laüra Hollick guides you through a simple creative process to transform limiting beliefs that hold you back from connecting fully in the world as a thriving Creative Spirit.

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Your Heart Awakening

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Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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