Experience a creative spiritual journey to transform your life and career into the fullest expression of your spirit on Earth. Laüra Hollick has guided thousands of people globally to connect with the depth of their inner world and sculpt their dreams into reality.

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Soul Art® School is your sacred space to cultivate your creative spiritual gifts and the courage to birth them in the world.

In Soul Art® School, you’ll be guided through rituals, transformational journeys and creative processes to activate your  soul’s path, heal old hurts, birth your dreams, and create your life as a living work of art.

Your membership in Soul Art® School is a treasure chest of inspirational jewels!

This is your sacred invitation to rise as the Rainbow Warrioress that you are and take a stand for your Creative Spirit!

Be the Creative Spirit you have always dreamed of being.

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Soul Art Certification

The Soul Art® Certification is a sacred journey of discovering and embodying your unique creative spiritual expression. Becoming a Certified Soul Art Guide is the process of mastering your own art and learning to guide others on transformational Soul Art journeys.

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The Yoni Art Certification is your Sacred Gateway into your full creative, sexual, and spiritual power as a woman.

Through the Yoni Art Certification, you will go on a personal intimate journey into your own yoni. As you learn the ways to express and embody your yoni, you will become a holder of this sacred medicine. As this embodiment deepens within you, you’ll learn how to guide other people to empower their yoni.

The Yoni Art Certification is your transformational journey to explore, express, and embody your yoni and experience the stability that rises when your root is restored and replenished. You’ll awaken your creative, sexual, and spiritual power, and learn how to guide other women to awaken their yoni power.

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Cleansing is the sacred practice of preparing your body for higher level frequencies to flow through with greater ease and efficiency.

Now is the time to release the residue of the past so you are primed to pursue the power and purpose of your future!

The nü Icon Cleanse is your portal into the nü paradigm. To pass through this portal, you will need to shed the skin of what no longer fits and restore your vibrancy so you can be the person you came here to be.

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Soul Art Certification

Cultivate a conscious relationship with money and heal those deep wounds and beliefs buried deep in your lineage that keep undermining your success.

Discover your true power beyond the current patriarchal structures and systems so you can make space for a whole new way of being in the world that is rooted in your truth.

Find out who you really are and who you came here to be!

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Soul Art Certification

A 21-Day journey into your heart’s expression and embodiment. This is your rite of passage into your next highest level!

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Soul Art Certification

The future is a dream until you live it.

Creating your best future now is a conscious practice of making your present moment an exploration, expression and embodiment of the life you want to life.

In this 21-day journey, you’ll be guided to Create Your Best Future Now!

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Yoni Art Fest

Yoni Art Fest - June 5-9
Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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