Laüra Hollick creates global art projects in collaboration with her company Soul Art Studio Inc. to circulate love around the planet and inspire people to create their lives as art.

Laüra Hollick's TEDx Talk - You Are The Art

Artist Laüra Hollick created this Star Collage using her signature Soul Art® Bodymapping method. Laüra’s Soul Art process uses art and creativity to connect with your spirit to unlock deep healing and insight.

Laüra’s Soul Art Star Collage is a visual feast. 

Explore the Soul Art Star Collage here.

International Soul Art Day

International Soul Art Day is an annual global event where thousands of people connect virtually to create art together for the day. Each year on International Soul Art Day, Laüra Hollick guides a Soul Art journey where anyone in the world can learn to create art that expresses their spirit. Hundreds of people have submitted their Soul Art creations to our Soul Art Day gallery.

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Yoni Art Gallery

 A collection of Soul Art created from the energy of International Soul Art Day by artists from all around the world.

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Global Vision Quest nü Icon Movie
The nü Icon Movie is a Global Vision Quest to discover your Iconic Essence. This year marks our 4th annual nü Icon Movie experience. Thousands of people join us online each year to dive into the magic of their own inner worlds through Laüra Hollick’s inspirational imagery and practical guidance.

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nü Icon Gallery
The nü Icon Gallery highlights 4 years of stunning visuals created for and during the nü Icon Movie. The nü Icon Movie is a virtual Vision Quest that has guided thousands of people around the world to connect with their Iconic Essence.

View the nü Icon Gallery

Yoni Art Gallery
The yoni is the Sacred Gateway to the Divine Feminine. Each woman has a yoni, and each man is connected to the essence of the yoni. We all came into this world through gateway of our Mother’s yoni. In this Yoni Art Gallery, you will see how beautiful and unique each yoni truly is.

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Laüra Hollick's NU Hotel Mural

Laüra Hollick transformed an old, run-down house into a vibrant symbol of love through the healing power of art!

Watch the inspiring story behind this colorful creation.

Laüra Hollick's NU Hotel Mural

Laüra Hollick painted a mural at a place called the NU Hotel in Brooklyn, New York.

With a name like NU she knew it was the perfect place to share her art, especially because she created an annual movie tradition called nü Icon.

Most people think of New York as a busy cityscape, but it was actually the groundedness of the city and the incredible trees that inspired this creation.

Watch the mural unfold and hear the full story behind this creation.

Making of the Soul Art Mural
4 Soul Artists from around the world flew in to Canada to create the Soul Art Mural with Laüra Hollick.

All the artists who participated in this mural are part of the Shaman Level in the Soul Art Certification program. They have been on a deep creative spiritual journey to cultivate and master their unique expression.

Experience the transmission of creativity for yourself!

Laüra Hollick's TEDx Talk - You Are The Art
On March 2nd, 2014, Laüra Hollick led a TEDx talk called: You are the Art.

In this talk Laura shared her beliefs and stories about the role the artist plays in our changing world, and how we are all called to be creators at this pivotal time in history.

Watch Laura’s TEDx talk here.

Yoni Art Fest

Yoni Art Fest - June 5-9

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