The nü Icon Gallery highlights 4 years of stunning visuals created for and during the nü Icon Movie. The nü Icon Movie is a virtual Vision Quest that has guided thousands of people around the world to connect with their Iconic Essence. The creation of the nü Icon Movie has been a creative collaboration between Laüra Hollick and photographer Kevin Thom.

With thousands of images to choose from, they narrowed it down to a few hundred images to highlight the magic of this nü Icon Revolution!

The nü Icon Movie was designed to be a beginning…. a beginning of the creation of our nü world from the foundation of knowing our Iconic Essence.  Once we connect with our Iconic Essence it is our sacred path and purpose to make it real. The next step beyond the nü Icon Movie is the nü Icon Program where you learn to transform your Iconic Essence into your thriving life and career.

Click on images to see them in their full beauty.



Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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