“Art is the language of my soul.”

Laüra Hollick


International Soul Art Day

Rainbow Vine

In a flash of inspiration I saw the vine coming to life with a rainbow breathing through it. I knew I needed to bring this vision to life.

Learn about the Rainbow Vine


International Soul Art Day

Spider Woman

Spider Woman sings her soul song through the lines of her creation.

Learn about Spider Woman


International Soul Art Day

Dream a nü Dream Exhibit

The Dream a nü Dream Exhibit is about re-imagining our world.

Each image is a profound portal into the richness of the soul’s imagination and how it can work in concert with the Earth.

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Laüra Hollick's TEDx Talk - You Are The Art

Star Collage

Laüra created this visual feast using her signature Soul Art® Bodymapping process. Discover how art and the creative process unlock deep healing, insight, and vision.


Explore the Star Collage

Laüra Hollick's TEDx Talk - You Are The Art

Community of Hearts

This piece was created as a tribute to our global Soul Art community.

Explore the Community of Hearts

Laüra Hollick's NU Hotel Mural

The Rainbow House

Laüra transformed an old, run-down house into a vibrant symbol of love through the healing power of art!

Learn about the Rainbow House

Laüra Hollick's NU Hotel Mural

The Trees of nü York

Most people think of New York as a busy cityscape, but it was actually the incredible trees that inspired this mural for the NU Hotel in Brooklyn.

Watch the mural unfold


Watch the Artist Talk with Laüra Hollick Now

“Self as Art” Artist Talk

Laüra shares her creative journey as an embodiment artist, along with insightful stories about her art and creative processes that shine a light on where we are now as a society and where we’re being called to grow.

Watch the “Self as Art” Artist Talk

Laüra Hollick's TEDx Talk - You Are The Art

You are the Art

In this TEDx talk, Laüra describes the role artists play in our changing world, and how we are all called to be creators at this pivotal time in history.

Watch the TEDx talk

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