Laüra Hollick | A Community of Hearts

A Community of Hearts

July 13, 2019

To express the amazing people who gathered around the globe for Soul Art Day and the 4 Soul Art Rituals, I created a giant painting called “A Community of Hearts.”


The idea started with hearts that would symbolically represent people.  I wanted to find a way to express the uniqueness of each person while at the same time making space for everyone within a bigger community space.

Once I had sketched out all the hearts I knew they needed a sacred space to hold them in their expression. So, I  filled in the surrounding space with a rainbow to nourish and bathe those hearts with the full frequency of love.


Once the rainbow space was set, the hearts had the right environment to reveal themselves in their full glory….and that they did!

It was fascinating to paint each heart and allow them to guide the unique color combinations, brushstrokes and texture. Each heart definitely has a character all its own.


A Community of Hearts is about:

  • Expressing your uniqueness
  • Being yourself while being with other people
  • Knowing that there is room for everyone
  • Knowing you’re not dulled down by anyone else’s light
  • Knowing that your uniqueness makes the whole better and brighter
  • Seeing how beautiful it is when everyone shows up as themselves!

*The individual hearts from “A Community of Hearts” are being gifted to new members of the Soul Art Certification!

Share your thoughts in the comments about:

What makes you feel safe to be yourself with other people?

What makes you feel connected to a greater community?


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