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Spider Woman

June 5, 2022

Spiders scared me when I was growing up . Watching their nimble legs skitter about gave me a sinister chill. I feared one would get to me faster than I could get away. It wasn’t a logical fear, but I felt it deeply.

That fear had a grip on me until one day I found myself at a safe distance from a spider where I could simply watch it do its thing.

Then I was in awe…



Watching the spider diligently weave its web and make a home from a substance coming out of its own body was fascinating.

My fear transformed into utter awe and wonder.

I wanted to get to know spiders more. They seemed to carry some sacred teachings and I wanted to understand them.

I wanted to experience the teachings of the spider by creating a giant web!



I decided to weave my own kind of web so I could learn about the spider teachings through the creative process.

I happened upon a beautiful place in nature where I felt at home within myself. When my body relaxed I knew I found the perfect place to build a giant web.

Spider Teaching: Your home starts within you.




To make the giant spider web I used things I already had in my home. I have bins and bins of colored fabric and wool which felt like the perfect tools for weaving a web. Rather than going shopping for new things, I simply used what was available to me.

Spider teaching: Use what you have.



I started wrapping branches with colored fabric and stretching wool threads from branch to branch.

Spider Teaching: Beauty is woven when you make your mark on the world.




Wrapping, winding, wrapping, winding. The process started taking on a rhythm of its own. Patterns were emerging that felt like lightcodes from other realms.  I wasn’t thinking while I was making this giant web. I was just working with the tools and elements, and trusting the flow of it all. In the process, my consciousness was opening up to notice all the interconnectedness within the environment.

Spider Teaching: There is a sacred geometry to simply being yourself.



I started to wonder if spiders feel proud of their creations. I know I was starting to feel a deep sense of awe and wonder as this giant web was taking shape. It’s amazing that we can create anything at all, but weaving together beauty in nature felt like pure magic!

Spider Teaching: You are the creator of your world.


I had been working on this giant spider web for 2 days. It took the time it needed to take.

When I stood back and looked at it I was blown away by how it came together. I had used supplies that I already had in my home, I allowed my inner sense of “home” guide me to the perfect spot, and I had woven together something that felt both simple and beautiful.

Spider Teaching: You are you and you are enough.



Spider Woman

Spiders have lots to teach us, as do all aspects of nature. As I devoted time and energy to follow the spider thread of inspiration I found myself weaving a web that connected me to some wise and wonderful teachings.

This Spider Woman taught me that the fear I felt as a child was a reflection of something I didn’t understand. Once I allowed myself to really look and spend time with the energy of spiders, I was able to open myself to their beauty and teachings.

This Spider Woman sings her soul song through the lines of her creation.


What do spiders teach you?

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