‘Earth Spirit’ photo of a blue Laüra Hollick, photographed by Kevin Thom

Imagine if your life on earth was a work of art created by your soul…

Where everything you experienced was another brushstroke creating your masterpiece.

Where every thought and emotion was a colour expressing your soul’s rainbow of beauty.

When you allow your life to be a reflection and an expression of your soul your life becomes a work of art.

Living as a work of art is about listening deep within yourself and hearing the voice of your true leader. It is about growing to match the ever evolving desires that flow from your soul’s master plan.

Your soul’s masterplan is the flowering of yourself, where you become the full expression of your soul here on earth.

This happens when you listen to yourself. Sometimes it can seem so simple, that we overlook the profound depth of these words.

Listen deep within yourself and see the full spectrum of beauty that colours your life.

Are you listening to yourself?

Your life is your soul’s art create your masterpiece!

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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