‘Oceanic Vagina’, Watercolour & ink drawing by Laüra Hollick

What exactly is the S-Spot and what does it have to do with SOUL ART?

You know you’ve hit the S-Spot when you feel the rush of creative energy flowing through your being and everything lines up in a spontaneous and perfect way.

The S-Spot is your Soul, the sweet spot within yourself that is connected to your unlimited potential. Your Soul holds the seed of your purpose and the map for realizing that purpose.

When you tap into your Soul, you tap into your creative potential and your ability to be and become the fullest version of yourself.

Finding your S-Spot can sometimes feel like a courting match, where you are wooing yourself. You can move in and out of being connected with your Soul, and that is why I like to call it the Divine Love Affair.

Once you make your Soul a priority in your life, you begin a life long relationship with yourself. It is a relationship that shapes every aspect of your life, from how you perceive the world around you, to how you experience other people, your career, money, food, the way you spend your time, the types of thoughts you hold, etc..

If you want to open the floodgates of unlimited creative potential and really step into the life of your dreams you need to tap into your S-Spot.

I’ve created a simple exercise you can try right now to flirt with yourself and massage your S-Spot. If you decide to try this exercise, give yourself the time and space to really savour and enjoy this, you’ll feel the benefits!

Massaging your S-Spot:

~Start with unwinding, list the last three thoughts you had. (For example: I just thought about a phone conversation I had; what I’ll be working on in my studio later today; and what I’m preparing for dinner)

~Notice where your thoughts reside. (For example: my thoughts were in the past and the future)

~Now, take a deep breath and bring yourself to the present moment. You can bring yourself to the present moment by feeling and noticing what is happening right now within your body.

~Notice how you feel in your body NOW

~Ask your body “What do you feel right now?”


~Listen deeply

~Listen with the greatest curiosity

~Listen with complete attention


This sounds very very simple, but if you are able to listen to how you feel you begin deepening your relationship with yourself and you build the trust for your Soul to speak with you.

Massaging your S-Spot is about building the trust with yourself, so your Soul feels safe to communicate with you.

Listen deeply to yourself, you will hear some phenomenal things!

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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