Painting by RICK RIVET.  Rick was recently interviewed on ‘The Artist’s Lifestyle’ radio show on 93.3 FM CFMU hosted by Laüra Hollick.  Rick is an artist who connects with his creative power and expresses it fully!
Connecting with your creative power is about connecting with that deep place within yourself that has access to unlimited inspiration and insights.

You know you are connected with your creative power when your juices are flowing, things are lining up and magic is happening.

You know you are disconnected from your creative power when you feel blocked, frustrated, stifled and confused.

What would YOUR life be like if you could access your full creative power NOW?…  No matter what blocks you think stand in your way!

I asked a bunch of people and this is what they said:

“If I could access my creative power I would feel like I would finally know my life purpose.”

“I would feel like I could really express what is inside me.”

“I would feel like I could finally let go of the fear and  move forward into the life I’ve always wanted to live.”

What would YOU feel if you could access your creative power?

Here is a mini SOUL ART exercise to find out if you are ready to fully access your creative powers….

1. When you reflect on your current life experience, do you feel you are expressing the depths of who you are in meaningful and purposeful ways?

2.  When you were a child, did you dream of wonderful things for yourself?

3.  Does your current life match the vision you had for yourself as a child?

4.  Do you fantasize about living a meaningful life that is fulfilling to your soul?

5.  Are you ready to experience the awakening of your dreams and finally step into the life you’ve imagined for yourself?

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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