‘Baby Dragon’ sculpture by Laüra Hollick on display at the Royal Botanical Gardens. Photo by Diana Wiggins

The 10 Life Lessons taught by the Baby Dragon:

1. Everything is in a constant state of change and evolution, there is no fixed point there is only the state of being and becoming.

2. We have to let go of outcome in order to allow the true vision to take shape.

3. Life is full of challenges, but these are not meant to be stumbling blocks they are meant to strengthen and stretch us into grander versions of ourselves. The more you can embrace your challenges the more you will feel you are living a purposeful life.

4. Things go wrong and things go right, but when you see things from a higher perspective you will see it is all perfect for exactly what it needs to be.

5. We really are very deeply powerful. The proof is when you see the perfection and everything lines up and you think to yourself.. “I couldn’t have contrived this any better!”

6. When you perceive yourself as small it is only from the perspective of comparison, because if you compare you are also larger to something else. Instead of viewing life in terms of comparison, think about it in terms of this question: HOW AUTHENTIC ARE YOU?

7. You are beautiful when you are authentic. This type of beauty is the new beauty and will soon be gracing the covers of magazines because deep down we are so hungry for real beauty, it is truly what feeds our soul.

8. If you want to be beautiful practice being authentic and the glow will begin to exude from your every pore.

9. Love is the guiding force for a meaningful and purposeful life.

10. You are a powerful beautiful dragon when you lead your life with love and move forward with the momentum of authentic power.

These are the 10 Life Lessons from the Baby Dragon.

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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