The moment you make the decision to go for your dreams, you will inevitably experience fear or some kind of discomfort.   This happens because when we put our energy in motion to go beyond what we are currently living we also put in motion our inner protection mechanism which is designed to keep us safe by keeping us in our comfort zone.

Ironically our dreams live just outside our comfort zone, which means we have to move through our  discomfort in order to experience what we desire.

I liken it to going into a body of water.  Think about how you enter a pool or lake?  Do you dive in or gradually move in?

I’m a toe dipper.  I test the water first to get a sense of it and then decide how I want to proceed.  Metaphorically this is a great way to think about stretching beyond your comfort zone. Think about your dreams and think about the fears stopping you from fully stepping into your dreams.

Now, using the toe dipping technique, stretch yourself ever so slightly beyond your comfort zone.  Each time you stretch out you can go a bit further,  until eventually you’ll find yourself all the way in!

Try it… where could you do some toe dipping in your life now?  Where could you stretch a bit further into your dreams?

'Red Bird dipping toes into dreams', watercolour by Laüra Hollick

'Red Bird dipping toes into dreams', watercolour by Laüra Hollick

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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