Making your dreams real is a journey. It is the process of transforming the invisible force of your soul into physical reality.

Laüra Hollick. Photo by Kevin Thom

Laüra Hollick. Photo by Kevin Thom

Here are the 5 steps for making your dreams real…

1.  DISCOVER~ Connect with the heart of your soul and discover what your dream is.

2. FANTASIZE ~ Imagine what it would be like to experience your dream.

3. DECIDE ~ Make an internal decision to make your dream real.

4. ALIGN ~ Align every aspect of yourself to match your dream.

5. SURRENDER ~ Let your dream unfold in its own perfect way. You have to surrender to it.

Take the journey and make your dreams real ~ it is the recipe for  living a creative, passionate and meaningful life.


As you read through the 5 steps, notice which step you are on now.  Do 3 things today that support where you are now in the process of making your dreams real. For example: if you are on the ‘Surrender’ step, ask yourself “What could I do to surrender to my dream now?” Do that!

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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