To listen to my interview with Jennifer Prior  on ‘The Artist’s Series’ CLICK HERE

This year I’m launching 2 new interview series….’The Artist Series’ & ‘The Photographers Series’

During the 10 years that I hosted and produced ‘The Artist’s Lifestyle’ radio show on 93.3 FM CFMU I interviewed 1,000’s of artists and creative thinkers. With each person I became more and more fascinated with the creative journey and the unique vision each artist held. In many ways it helped me to make sense of my own creative journey. Talking with Iconic artists such as Judy Chicago, Mary Pratt and Robert Bateman provided insight into what can sometimes feel like a long road.

For these new series I have selected a diverse group of artists and photographers to interview. The intention is to dive into their unique creative vision and journey and shine light on the challenges and opportunities that have shaped them as artists and allowed them to carve out their unique path.

Part of the research for each interview involves me connecting personally with each artist and modeling for one of their creations.

The first in ‘The Artist Series’ is emerging artist Jennifer Prior. Still a student, Jen was chosen for her courage to explore various approaches and mediums while still maintaining a flavour that is uniquely hers.

Here is the painting Jennifer created of me, entitled ‘Laura’.


'Laura' acrylic on wood. Painting of Laüra Hollick by Jennifer Prior

During our in-depth interview Jennifer reveals what inspires her as an artist and where she still seeks to figure it out. This unique creative thinker is a budding leader in the illustration world. She is definitely someone to keep your eyes and ears on.

This is Jennifer Prior….


Jennifer Prior, emerging artist featured in 'The Artist Seires'

To listen to Jennifer Prior’s interview on ‘The Artist Series’ CLICK HERE

Learn more about Jennifer at:

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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