As 2009 comes to an end I find myself doing my usual reflecting on the year, taking stock of what worked and what didn’t work, what was life changing and what challenges were faced and embraced.

Some of my own personal highlights were the ‘Birth Your Dreams’ exhibition and deepening my own commitment to my purpose.  My purpose is to grow spirit on earth. I do this by creating my own artistic visions and guiding others to create their lives as an expression of their spirit.

Laüra Hollick with her 'Pink Dragon'. Photo by Brent Perniac

Laüra Hollick with her 'Pink Dragon'. Photo by Brent Perniac

I started thinking of the people who  touched, moved and inspired me the most this year. People who are creating and living their lives as an expression of their spirit.

I decided to create my own personal Top 10 List for the most Inspirational People of 2009.

Laüra Hollick’s Top 10 Inspirational People of 2009 (in alphabetical order)

1. Ali Brown My personal mentor. Ali is a self made multi-millionaire teaching women entrepreneurs how to thrive in business by creating a lifestyle that matches their values.

2. Brent Perniac Celebrity Photographer. Having known Brent for a number of years, I witnessed him take  huge steps towards his dream this year. He opened his own studio and was published in People, Us, and many other leading magazines.

3. David Neagle Spiritual Business Coach. David continues to surprise me with his insights and wisdom.  Every time I listen to him I feel my energy go up a notch.

4. Guy Laliberte Creator of Cirque du Soleil, Creative Entrepreneur. Here is a guy who makes dreams REAL. His creativity and business savvy have inspired millions of people around the world. This year Guy travelled to space to further demonstrate that anything is possible with imagination.

5. Joe Hollick (Yes this is my Dad) He relentlessly brainstormed ways to make Hamilton known as the ‘City of Waterfalls’. He is transforming the image of Hamilton from the Steel City to the most beautiful city in the world. See article about Joe

6. John Galliano Fashion Designer and Creative Visionary for Dior. Galliano provides such a joyful creative vision for fashion while fusing cultural elements in new innovative ways.

7. Kevin Thom Photographer. Kevin has the most precise eye, every image he creates is absolutely flawless.  Kevin has been instrumental in the evolution of my business and my ability to take an idea and make it real. He is the most generous, caring person I know .

8. Lissa Hill Designer. Having worked with Lissa personally over this year I witnessed first hand how much passion is contained within this one person. She consistently stretches herself into new territories in order to make her dreams a reality.

9. Melanie Gillis Photographer specializing in erotica photography. This year I watched Melanie step into her power as a woman and claim her niche in erotica photography, she will be launching a new erotica website this year.

10. Peter Ormond Green Party Candidate. Peter leads by example. He is consistently rethinking his lifestyle and the lifestyle of Canadians to match the most earth friendly expression possible.

Thank you for your inspiration!

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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