Flipping through magazines is a choreographed passion of mine.  I quickly fan through seeking something that will  ignite my next creative idea.

When I saw these images of girls dancing, I cut out their bodies and filled them with ink lines and drawings because I was inspired to capture the energy of the movement.

These magazine cut outs became preliminary sketches for a photoshoot I wanted to do. Originally I wanted to do a dance sequence of myself and then cut out my own body and sketch shapes and patterns to express the energy of the movement.

So I went ahead and planned a shoot with photographer Kevin Thom.  I liked the images we created so much I’ve left them as they are for now. Who knows maybe I will still cut out the body shapes and sketch something in, in the meantime I’m enjoying the energy of the sequence.

Laüra Hollick dancing. Photo by Kevin Thom. Hair/Makeup by Sue Upton.

Laüra Hollick dancing. Photo by Kevin Thom. Hair/makeup Sue Upton

Can you feel the energy in this dance sequence? Do you think adding the sketches in the body shape would add another dimension to the images?
I’d love to hear your thoughts! Creativity is becoming a much more collaborative experience these days

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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