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Lille Diane turned to art after a near fatal car accident tipped her over the edge.  Surviving the accident was a blessing but it came with a case of post-traumatic stress disorder.  Art and creative expression have been the saving grace from this whole experience.

Here is a portrait of Lille Diane in a moment of contemplation.

Lille Diane from woodstocklily

As a Soul Artist I know the power of art as a way to heal, to clarify your purpose, to receive guidance in your life, and to become the most exquisite expression of yourself.  I’m always fascinated to learn the stories the lure people to connect with their creative spirit.   For Lille Diane it was a near fatal accident.

Sometimes the worst situation can bring out the best opportunity.

Lille Diane

Lille Diane is an inspiration.  She has found an opportunity to discover herself and create herself as the woman she wants to be.

To listen to interview with Lille Diane CLICK HERE
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