Laüra Hollick | Olek-hooked on art!

Olek-hooked on art!

February 26, 2010

To listen to interview with Olek CLICK HERE

Contemporary artist Olek immigrated from Poland and is currently living and working in New York City. The evolution of her art led her to an unlikely source of inspiration. She disovered crocheting and was hooked!

Although crocheting is time consuming and reminiscent of knitting parties, Olek managed to transform crocheting into a cutting edge contemporary art expression.

Here is an example of how Olek transformed a room into a crochet extravaganza. She creates entire bodysuits and furniture coverings that camouflage everything into a buffet of colours, shapes and textures.

One of the challenges every artist faces is finding the audience and clients for the work. Olek has found that dancers and performers are regular clients requesting innovative costumes and set visuals. Here are some of Olek’s crocheted bodysuit costumes dancing on the beach.

When I asked Olek about how long her pieces take, she admittedly said they take hours. But the creative process is meditative and provides ample opportunity to watch movies and engage in stories and imagination. Here is Olek working on a piece on herself. (Love that tall chair!)

To listen to interview with Olek CLICK HERE

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