Connecting with your spirit is one of the most powerful things you can experience.
When you are connected with your spirit your purpose becomes clear and your life transforms into a work of art.

Your spirit is communicating with you all the time, the trick is knowing how to listen and decode the messages it is sending.
Check out this mini-video where I talk about spirit connection and invite you to experience a complimentary 15 minute ‘Spirit Connection’ call with me!

To set up a complimentary 15 minute ‘Spirit Connection’ call with me, send me an email with ‘Spirit Connection’ in the headline.
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I was just watching the Olympics and noticed how every pro athlete had a coach who was invested and committed to them which enabled them to reach peak levels. All of us need a coach if we want to reach the full potential of our creative spiritual expression. I would love to be that coach for you and guide you to transform your life into the full expression of your spirit on earth.

Take advantage of my complimentary 15 minute ‘Spirit Connection’ call and discover your next soul power step.
Set it up today, contact me at laura@

One of the places I go for ‘Spirit Connection’ is the forest! Here I am connecting with my spirit as I transform into the ‘Red Tree’.

'Red Tree' Laüra Hollick as red tree. Photo by Kevin Thom

This beautiful image is a collaboration with photographer
Kevin Thom.

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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