Soul Art studio was buzzing with creative energy during the recent Launch Soul Art workshop.

Here are some snapshots from the January 30-31st’ 2010 weekend…

We had quite the journey!

The creative process always reveals metaphors for our life journey. When we feel frustrated in our creative process it is because there is an aspect of our life that is frustrating. When we feel joy in our creative process it is because our spirit is free to be.

The Soul Art journey is about finding the way for our spirit to be. The creative process teaches us how our spirit can flow and teaches us how to make our lives a living breathing expression of our spirit on earth. This takes clear desire, courage and willingness to let spirit be the leader.

I was blown away by the courage and creativity of each person who attended this workshop, they let their spirit lead and they are launching into new spheres in their lives!

Included in these photos: Feather Williams, Karen Sita, Holly Moxam, Julie Daugherty, Yvan Bedard, Laüra Hollick

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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