In the art world masterpieces are the pieces that clearly express the iconic expression of the artist.  They capture a quality that we can spot  instantly as if it were a letter in the alphabet of our collective unconscious. Can you guess the artists that created these?

Iconic Masterpieces

To understand and explore iconic traits Kevin Thom and I decided to re-create old masterpieces from art history with a Soul Art flair.  We wanted to explore their iconic traits and come up with new creative ways to capture it.

As a research project we have been digging into what makes something iconic and how can we spot it, capture it and express it.  Can you guess what artists are being expressed here…

Laüra Hollick re-creates masterpieces with Kevin Thom

Somewhere in the deep crevices of our being we all want to be iconic, because we know that we have something so unique and so brilliant to offer the world and we want to find our way of expressing it so everyone else can experience it.

This is part of our spiritual journey~ we are here to connect with and understand our own unique essence and express it in the world.  When we connect with our own unique essence we tap into our own iconic trait.

The act of expressing your iconic trait instantly transforms your life into a work of art.

Are you ready to discover your iconic trait?

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The above masterpieces: Lichtenstein’s comic style art; ‘Mona Lisa’ Leonardo da Vinci; ‘Birth of Venus’ Botticelli; ‘Les Demoiselles D’Avignon’ Picasso.

Re-created masterpieces by Laüra Hollick and Kevin Thom: ‘Les Demoiselles D’Avignon’ Picasso; Lichtenstein’s comic style art; ‘Birth of Venus’ Botticelli; ‘Mona Lisa’ Leonardo da Vinci.

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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