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Let me share with you how it all began….

Years ago when I was beginning my journey as a soul artist, I struggled financially. Even though my inner world was rich with creativity and abundant with imagination I couldn’t figure out how to create the same kind of wealth in my material world. I was buying into ‘the starving artist’ stereotype and deeply unhappy about it. I would cry to myself because I felt it was so unfair to have genius ideas channeling through me and not have the funds to make them a reality.

I reached a point where I was washing dishes for my friend as payment for eating dinner there. (ouch!)

Finally I asked myself the obvious question~ If I could channel genius creative ideas and visions, why not channel a creative solution to the money mystery?

So I decided to create a ‘Money Spirit Guide’ as a way to receive some financial guidance. I started thinking about what I could include in a ‘Money Spirit Guide’ which led me to gather up all kinds of symbols, fabrics and objects that expressed financial wealth to me. Then I designed and created a costume to express the energy of my ‘Money Spirit Guide’ (she even has actual money in her costume).

Money Spirit Guide

'Money Spirit Guide' costume by Laüra Hollick. Photo by Paul Potter.

When I completed the costume I felt like I had birthed my ‘Money Spirit Guide’ and she was ready to communicate with me. I asked her:
“What can you tell me about money?”

Here are the 9 things my Money Spirit Guide told me….

1. Stand tall and proud like you are Royalty.

2. Connect with your roots. Even though you are reaching for what you want stay connected to the ground.

3. Be beautiful. Don’t be beautiful the way others are beautiful, be beautiful the way you are beautiful.

4. Include all your life experiences into your wealth.

5. Be willing to be seen and recognized.

6. Heal the fears that separate you from the world.

7. Receive the gifts that have been given to you.

8. Lead by carving your own path.

9. Let your heart be your leader.

This was the beginning of an in-depth conversation with my Money Spirit Guide. Now, years later she has guided me to be a full time THRIVING Soul Artist. Many of my clients & students ask me ‘How do I do it? How am I able to follow my heart and make money?”

Now I am ready to share how I transitioned from Starving artist to Thriving Soul Artist and how you can do it too.
I’m leading a FREE teleclass called ‘How to follow your Heart & make Money$’
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Soul art Money Tree. Created by Laüra Hollick. Photo by Kevin Thom.

Soul Artist Laüra Hollick creates, grows and harvests her Money Tree. Photo by Kevin Thom

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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