It’s springtime here in Canada and I’m in the midst of a BIG Spring studio cleaning, which has evolved into a week long project!

It was easy to tell that my studio environment needed a cleaning because it was starting to build up with art, supplies, journals and ideas.

Our Inner World needs to be cleaned too, but it has different ways of letting us know when it is due for a sweep. Do you know how to tell when your Inner World is begging for a cleanse?

These are some quick clues for knowing when your Inner World is clogged up:
~ You feel unclear
~ You feel frustrated and anxious about life
~ You feel overwhelmed by everything
~ You aren’t having fun with life

Recently I led a group of Soul Artists through a 21 day Creativity Cleanse and discovered the 3 guaranteed ways to unclog your energy and start flowing again! Keep reading to find out what they are….

Here are some of the art pieces created during the Creativity Cleanse.

Creativity Cleanse

Soul Art created during Creativity Cleanse. From top left to right: Feather Williams, Laüra Hollick, Feather Williams, Alison Braithwaite, Karen Sita, Feather Williams, Karen Sita.

3 Guaranteed ways to unclog your energy and start flowing again!

1. Connect with your Inner World. Your inner world gives you access to Divine Guidance. If you are disconnected from your Inner World you won’t know what direction to take. Connecting with your Inner World starts by listening to the subtleties of your own energy. By being actively interested and engaged in how you think and feel will connect you with your Inner World.

2. Do something creative. There is nothing like creative energy to flush out the system and increase your joy! Creative energy gives you a direct line to Source energy, which is pure energy. As creative energy moves through you, it leaves a clean trail for more and more joy to come into your life.

3. Know what is important to your Spirit. Take the time to find out what is truly important to your spirit. When you know what is truly important to your spirit it is easy to design a life that matches your natural rhythm and desires. When you know what is truly important,your spirit becomes the filter for everything in your life.

Are you ready to unclog your system and get your energy flowing again?
Check out the 21 day Creativity Cleanse and start today!

Here is Honour Leigh after completing her Creativity Cleanse
Creativity Cleanse soul artist Honour Leigh

“Thank you for the most amazing 21 day Creativity Cleanse. I’ve had 3 massive transformations, with each one bigger than the last. You are my #1 Coach Extraordinaire. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ” -Honour Leigh, Australia

Get your energy flowing today and feel the clarity that comes from cleansing your Inner World.
21 Day Creativity Cleanse

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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