Happy Father’s Day!
On this special day I wanted to create a tribute to my dad to celebrate all the things I’ve learned from him.

My dad, Joseph Hollick, is an engineer. I grew up watching him design, build and construct things using his creative and logical mind.

When I started creating art, he taught me how to turn my imagination into reality. He instilled in me the necessity to use both the right and the left brain. I learned early on that if I wanted to create something it had to work both logistically and creatively.

Creating Dragon Sculpture with Dad

Laüra Hollick with her Dad, Joseph Hollick creating dragon sculpture. Photo by Sabrina Armani.

I often go to my dad with a sketch of one of my wild ideas and say:
“Can you help me build this?”
and he always says: “Yes”

I think he enjoys the challenge.

Every sculpture I’ve ever created has been influenced by my dad. Whether he was there building it with me or not, all of my construction knowledge comes directly from him.

Laüra Hollick creating dragon sculpture with her dad

Laüra Hollick creating dragon sculpture with her dad, Joseph Hollick. Photo by Sabrina Armani.

During the creative process I can get a bit…..uhmmm…..crazy! (you know what I mean)
My dad always stays level headed and helps find a solution that fits.

Dragon Sculpture created by Laüra Hollick with the engineering guidance of her dad Joseph Hollick.

Dragon sculpture framework, created by Laüra Hollick with the engineering guidance of Joseph Hollick. Photo by Sabrina Armani.

This dragon sculpture would probably still be a pile of sticks if it weren’t for my dad.
When I was out hiking I discovered all these glorious sticks. I could see knees, legs and a head in them, but I wasn’t sure how to get it to stand up securely.

Dragon Sculpture by Laüra Hollick, with the engineering help of Joseph Hollick. Photo by Diana Wiggins.

Dragon sculpture. Photo by Diana Wiggins.

It was a real engineering feat (and to be honest a complete experiment) to discover the dragon sculpture could withstand the Canadian elements. This sculpture was created for an outdoor exhibition I had at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario. It was during the summer that had many torrential downpours. This photo was taken on one of the very few sunny days that summer.

Pink Dragon by Laüra Hollick. Photo by Kevin Thom.

Pink Dragon. Photo by Kevin Thom.

This dragon has seen many transformations, as have I. But because it has a solid foundation it can continue to grow and evolve. This is such a metaphor to me. Growing up with my dad has given me such a solid foundation, I know I can be and do anything!

Thanks Dad!

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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