Soul Art Intensives are all about diving deep into the heart of your spirit and transforming your life and business into a work of art.

Karen Knowler, known as The Raw Food Coach, traveled from England to spend 2 full days creating in Soul Art studio. She boldly explored her inner world, and bravely let it flow through her.

Here is snapshot of Karen (right) and I after she completed her 7foot tall painting called
‘The Fire of Transformation’.

Soul Art Intensive Laüra Hollick with Karen Knowler

Creating on a big canvas is metaphoric for playing big in life. When your spirit has big dreams, you’ve got to have space to let them take shape. Karen is wildly creative and there are big things on the horizon for this raw foodie!

Karen Knowler painting during her Soul Art Intensive

The studio was buzzing with creative energy the whole time.
Deep spiritual and creative work stirs up a lot of energy and it is important to really take care of yourself during these kinds of experiences.

We were blessed to have all our meals catered by the ultimate raw food chef Barbara Maccaroni from Now that I’ve experienced raw food at its best, I’m completely hooked!

Soul Art studio Canada

We explored a full range of art mediums, including acrylic painting, pastel, pencil crayons and copper coiling.

Soul Art intensive art supplies

The power of creating art is having a visual symbol of your own inner energy. When you can tangibly see what is happening within you it allows your subconscious mind to absorb the full depth of your spirit and ultimately claim its magnificence.

After all Soul Art sessions I always recommend putting the art somewhere it can be seen on a daily basis. This enables the magic of the art to take root in your life.

Karen is going to have to find the perfect spot in her English Country home to display her masterpiece so its power can fully integrate into her life.

Here are Karen’s words about her Soul Art Intensive:

Working with Laura was extraordinary as predicted!
I didn’t know exactly what to expect but knew that whatever
happened it would be perfect, and it was!
Her unique body mapping process brought insights and clarity
to me that were much needed and being able to come away
with a finished work of art that told my story was just brilliant.
I would recommend the intensive to anyone looking to really
go deep with themselves for profound growth and change
” -Karen Knowler

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Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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