I recently had the honor of working with Sacred Sexual Healer Sarah McClure from Nova Scotia. She flew in for a private 2 day Soul Art Intensive to work on her Visionary Business.

The Soul Art Visionary Business process is designed to guide you straight to the heart of your spirit where you gain access to your True Dream. Then, a business plan emerges that connects your dream with  money.

During this Intensive Sarah boldly expressed her creative spirit and decoded her own inner wisdom. Through her painting she became crystal clear about her business and where to focus her energy.

Sarah McClure Sacred Sexual Healer Soul Art Intensive

Traditional business looks out into the world and asks the question “What do they want and need?”

The Visionary Business creator connects with the heart of their spirit and asks:
“Who am I called to be?”

As the New Paradigm is edging closer and closer, all of us are being called to claim our true path and design a life and business that reflects it.

There isn’t one path that is better than another, it is the job of each of us to discover our True Dream and make it real.

Sarah McClure Soul Art Intensive art supplies

For creative spiritual people this usually involves a process of coming out of hiding and bravely facing the dream held in your heart.

Watching Sarah boldly claim her path was pure inspiration. She now has a clear vision for her business and has already started working with clients.

Sarah McClure Soul Art Intensive with her Money Tree Painting.

Here is a picture of Sarah McClure with her Soul Art painting expressing the energy of her Visionary Business.

During this Soul Art Intensive I had the privilege of experiencing the profound gifts of the Sacred Sexual Healer….

5 Things I learned from the Sacred Sexual Healer

1. Risk everything for the truth in your heart

2. Trust your passion, it has its own wisdom

3. Approach your body as a temple

4. Real power comes from being who you are TOTALLY.

5. When it comes to making decisions, go to the source~ your own truth.

*To learn more about Sarah McClure’s Sacred Sexual Healing work
and her journey as a Sacred Sexual Healer,

I invite you to visit: sarahpriestess.blogspot.com

To learn more about Soul Art Intensives contact: laurahollick@soulartstudio.com

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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