Everyone’s got one!

The 3 Headed Monster is the part inside that acts like Medusa stoning you every time you move towards your dreams.

She stares you down with her blazing beliefs, shrinking your confidence and diminishing your intuition.

3 headed monster

'3 Headed Monster' paper mache sculpture by Laüra Hollick. 11 feet tall. Photo by Paul Potter

Here are some examples of what my 3 Headed Monster has said to me:

“No one wants what you offer.”
“I’m afraid there isn’t enough.”
“I can’t do this.”

These are some deep thoughts!
Most of us hide from these kinds of thoughts, because there is a tendency to think that positive thinking will clear the problem.

How’s that working for you?

The more you hide from your 3 Headed Monster, the bigger and louder it becomes.

I’d like to invite you to shed some light on your 3 Headed Monster.
Because, like Medusa if you show her a mirror she ends up stoning herself.

By exposing your deep inner beliefs, you free yourself from the grips of the Monster.

Take a moment to think about the inner thoughts, beliefs and feelings that stump you, or outright bring you to a grinding halt when you attempt to follow your heart and go for your dreams.

What does your 3 Headed Monster say to you?

Look at the inner beliefs running your life.
Take a good look at them, really look.
You are safe, you don’t need to hide from this anymore.

Here are some questions to help you expose your 3 Headed Monster and make a BIG shift.

1. Make a list of all the ways your 3 Headed Monster effects your life?

2. What don’t you want to create in your life?

3. If you keep on the path with your 3 Headed Monster running the show, what are you going to create?

4. What is your 3 Headed Monster afraid of?

5. What would happen if your 3 Headed Monster received love?

6. Think of something you can appreciate and recognize about your 3 Headed Monster? (For example, because of your 3 Headed Monster you are exploring some deeper questions in your life and growing your inner wealth as a result.That is definitely something to appreciate!)

7. Begin a dialogue with your 3 Headed Monster and find out how it was created, and what it is really seeking in its life?

8. When you feel your 3 Headed Monster is ready to listen to you, share your life and dreams with it.

You’ll be amazed at how simply beginning a loving conversation with your 3 Headed Monster will create a BIG shift in your life.
You might discover your Monster is actually your greatest ally!

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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