Dolphin Guide, collage by Laüra Hollick

When I was working as a truck driver (did you know I did that?), I was so deeply unhappy. I felt the Universe was playing a dark trick on me.

I was convinced I had a powerful purpose to be a creative spiritual leader guiding people to listen to their heart and follow their dreams.  Yet here I was living the exact opposite!

Each day I went to work I cried and complained about how wrong it was, and how completely ridiculous it was for me to be driving this truck.

I was in a deep funk and needed serious help getting out of it.

One day I cried so much I could have made an ocean. That was the day I received a vision of myself being peacefully guided through the ocean of tears to a magical place where my purpose was waiting for me.

The vision was so powerful I knew I needed to create something to capture it. So, I created a Soul Art collage with a dolphin guiding me  (that’s me with the crown) through the ocean of tears to a place that felt like home.

The following day, after I completed the collage, I brought it to work with me and perched it on the dashboard.

After a few quick turns the collage was tossed on the dirty floor of the truck. So that night I got the collage laminated and brought it in again the next day.

That collage sat on the dashboard for months.

I stopped crying and instead starting getting ideas for what I could do to make my purpose come to life.

Every day the collage gave me messages and insights and reminded me of my purpose and let me know everything was going to be okay.

It was as if the art activated a deep power within me and gave me direct access to my spirit wisdom. I started bringing my journal to work, so I could take notes on all the messages that were being channeled through me about my purpose.

Now, fast forward to today, I am an award winning artist and shaman and I run Soul Art studio, which is a successful business guiding people to create their life and business as an expression of their spirit.

This art saved my life and kept me from falling into a trap of leading a life that was not for me.  It gave me the courage to go for my own unique path and make my dreams a reality!

This is when I really understood the true power of Soul Art.  Not only was I able to express myself while I created it, but it gave me months of spiritual guidance and love. Without it I might very well be driving that truck still!

Now I passionately share the power of  Soul Art with others so they can activate the life they are born for.

I am leading a *NEW* Soul Art video course designed to Activate your Purpose and your Money Tree.

If you are in a spot right now where you need to tap into your courage and your spirit power so you can create the life of your dreams, this is made for YOU!

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Soul Art Activation course

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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