Mask collage by Laüra Hollick

Mask collage by Laüra Hollick.

A lot of spiritual exploration is about peeling back the layers of yourself to uncover your core essence. This usually involves some kind of letting go and exposing the ego to the light of day so it can melt away the barriers to your True Self.

I would like to present a completely different way to connect with your core essence.

Rather than thinking you need to let go or peel off the layers, why not add some layers on and find out what is really within you.

I had an interesting revelation a few years ago when I was invited to a Halloween Party out of town. Since everyone would essentially be a stranger to me, except the person who invited me, I felt a certain kind of freedom to pretend to be someone else for a night.

You know that feeling when no one knows you and you can make up a character and act it out for a time. I used to love doing this when I traveled solo around the world, it is incredibly liberating.

During this particular Halloween party I decided to dress up as an Imaginary character who I called ‘Ayla’. ‘Ayla’ was a beautiful women with mysterious powers to create magical coincidences. She tapped into her tribal roots and called upon animal spirits to support her desires. She could seduce, inspire, heal and evoke deep awakenings in her people. She had a way of weaving artistry through every interaction to create a feeling of being living art.

I remember being at that Halloween Party explaining who ‘Ayla’ was. People were fascinated by all her adventures. I had no shortage of stories to characterize her. I was engrossed in her and feeling her energy start to overtake me. It was such a passionate experience!

As I reflected on it the following day I realized by dressing up and pretending I was able to tap into my own inner desire. I was able to experience a powerful part of myself who wants to evoke magic and creativity in others. By pretending to be ‘Ayla’ I was actually tapping into my own core essence.

For Halloween this year what could you dress up as to express a deep deep longing within you. Who would you be if you really could be anyone? Would you be an animal, would you be a dancer, would you be a multi-millionaire, would you be the President of the United States?

Who would you be if you could be anyone you wanted?

This year put the mask on that peels it all off!

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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