'Anra' Chakra Art by Mykal Aubry

In celebration of the *New Soul Art Journey of the Chakras* course I was inspired to feature the Chakra Art of Visionary Artist Mykal Aubry.  Mykal and I met on Laura Fox’s Visionary Culture Radio show a few years ago. Both of us were being interviewed about being Visionary Artists.   I discovered that Mykal is a master when it comes to understanding the Chakras and expressing them through art.

So, I decided to interview Mykal about the Chakras to share his deep wisdom and insight about these powerful energies!

LH (Laüra Hollick): What do the Chakras mean to you?

MA (Mykal Aubry):  For me, the Chakras are portals and centers of source-energy, each representing a different birthright on every level of our existence. Individually and collectively as a whole system, they deeply support me in living my authentic Self and bringing through everything that I’ve come to this Earth to embody, express and share.

LH: How do you connect with the Chakra energy?

MA: I connect with my Chakras in many ways, sometimes through certain movement activities or through stillness and meditation, using the breath as an integral part of the connection. I also lead group Chakra meditation journeys. Creating a conscious relationship with my energy centers or Origin Centers, as I prefer to call them, has been a deeply fulfilling and intriguing experience. Within my desires to connect with them, I almost always have a specific intention for doing so, while other times I’ll tune in to them to simply feel them and listen for what message they have for me at any given moment. It’s an ever-unfolding and evolving journey of listening, feeling and naturally responding.

LH: How has your art helped you understand the Chakras?

MA: I’ve used my art to understand and open into an experiential knowing of Who and What I Am on an Essence level, which then informs and inspires my relationship to my physicality and the expression of my Essence or Soul through my personality construct. For me, painting is a tool for bridging Spirit and Matter in my consciousness and experiencing the Union of What I Am, in my body.

LH: What healing powers do you believe the Chakras have?

MA: I believe at the core of each Chakra is a concentration of infinite, optimal energy, each representing a unique quality. The ‘state’ of the surrounding and emanating energy of each Chakra is reflective of our beliefs about our particular birthrights or powers that each Chakra represents. So, as someone may find themselves holding a belief about themselves that is out of alignment with their True Core Self, which creates dis-ease in the mind and body, that individual can get in touch with the Core energy of a particular Chakra related to the belief and can experience a ‘coming into union’ or ‘healing’ with that aspect of their True Nature, thereby creating a new, more vibrationally aligned relationship with themselves and also eliminating the dis-ease.

LH: Can you describe the art that is featured here.

MA: The piece of art that I’ve included is titled “Anra”, representing the Sacral Chakra, from the “Light-Seven” series. This is a portrait of the energy center of our creativity, sexuality, emotions and our relationship to Other, in every form. The symbol at her third-eye is the Sanskrit symbol for the Sacral Chakra. The pattern surrounding the symbol depicts consciousness as One, then splitting into two and dancing with itself as it spirals throughout the experience of time and space, being a perfect reflection for itself along the way. The energy lines around her forehead and neck depict the flowing, liquid nature of our internal water element. “Anra” and the Sacral Chakra remind us of our Birthright to feel, on every level. She is also inviting us to drop into a state of deep relaxation and receptivity to ourselves and our world, feeling both the pleasures and the pains, as they are both valid experiences of this Divine Human existence.

You can learn more about Mykal Aubry at

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