your creativity and sexuality chakra

Let’s explore the energy of your 2nd Chakra.

Your 2nd Chakra is often referred to as the creativity and money Chakra.
It is located below your belly button, around your lower back and around your ovaries.

This Chakra is all about the way life force energy moves through you. Life force energy is expressed through creativity, sexuality and the circulation of energy within you and between people. Because this Chakra is about the circulation of energy it is intimately linked with money.

When it is healthy your creativity is flowing and you feel sexually alive. You will feel passionate about connecting with people and money will flow as a result.

When the 2nd Chakra is blocked you will feel creatively blocked and their can be infertility issues. You will feel awkward connecting with people and money will be blocked as a result.

Here are some questions to explore your 2nd Chakra:

* How have you been expressing your creativity lately?

* What is your experience of sexuality?

* How do you feel about money?

The way you answer these questions will give you a good idea as to how your 2nd Chakra is flowing.

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