Soul Colors

Laüra Hollick's Soul Colors created by Louie LaChusa

Louie LaChusa is an artist who has the ability to see the energy and color of people’s spirit.

He did a Soul Color reading on me and then created this exquisite drawing to express what he saw.

I was so intrigued by what he created, I wanted to learn everything about Soul Colors! What do they mean, and how can we see them?

So I conducted a mini-interview with Louie to learn all about it. It is absolutely fascinating!

LH (Laüra Hollick): What are Native Soul Colors?

LLC (Louie LaChusa): Soul Colors emerge from the energy a person is sending out. The more I go into the soul of that person, the more clarity of each Color is being defined for them. It’s like the heart is talking to me, and the words are channeled through them and the journey they are walking is laid out in detailed descriptions.

LH: How do you see someone’s Soul Colors?

LLC: Energy flows throughout the inner core and sends out patterns of frequencies. I then receive the download of the energy and images and words start to appear in front of me. It’s like a movie of a person’s life is being played out and I have a front row seat. As the Colors appear and form a special pattern of who you are, and how you are standing in your energy,I allow the channel from my heart to match up to your heart and soul.

LH: What do our Soul Colors mean?

LLC: Each Soul Color has its own personalized meaning. So for each person a certain Color gives meaning and purpose to that persons life.
I look at Soul Colors as a map of where they are, where they might have been, and in some cases where they are headed. The possibilities of new birth, or new paths to take in the journey of their own life’s.

LH: How did you discover you were able to see people’s Soul Colors?

LLC: I am a native American Indian from San Diego and my ability to see the energy emanating out to the Universe comes from my ancestors.
A gift of being in spirit and allowing the flow of energy to be seen with all the light and passion of ones heart and soul.

Colors are dancing from everywhere, it all comes down to opening the mind and speaking from the heart. I have brought the gift that I had from a small boy back into my life now, because I know in my own soul I can help others connect to the inner beauty of their truth. When you truly know why you are here and how you can serve others, there is no better gift than that!

LH: So true! Where can we learn more about you and Native Spirit Soul Colors?

LLC: I have a free report on my website called  “Understanding your Soul Colors”,you can get it at:

LH: Thanks!

To learn more about Louie’s Native Spirit Soul Colors visit:

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